Kraemer yarns Mystery Box 2022

If you’ve been around YouTube for any length of time you might have seen videos pop up in spurts for these magnificent mystery box sales that are apparently a hot commodity.

One night well into my second dream, I rolled over to see if they had any available after 3 months of being out of stock. Clearly the answer is yes otherwise this post would not be here! Let’s just start with the basics:

  • 10 pound Box currently priced at $34.75
  • 20 pound Box currently priced at $74.75

The 10 pound Box seemed to be the best option for me considering I just wanted to try them out as a company, see their quality and have part of the experience (fomo is real). The shipping brought my total up to $55. Well worth it once I got this box in hand.


Kramer mystery Box unboxing

When I first opened this box I noticed it was definitely packed full. There were 5 skeins of each type of yarn. Ranging in weight from fingering to what appears to be a worsted or bulky. The unbelievable addition in this box was the 5 skeins of natural yarn which I believe is used for hand dyeing yarn. Single skeins of undyed yarn at a store would be $11 to $15. This makes the box’s value well over 3 times it’s amount.

Most of the yarn I am very happy with and cannot wait to do some swatches and see what I can come up with as far as projects, however; there are a few that I am really puzzled by and not really sure what to make of them. That Brown yarn is not something that I would gravitate towards because it’s very thin doesn’t feel like it has much structure but it does look like something I could pair with a mohair or alpaca blend. Any suggestions?

As much as I fell in love with this light blue fuzzy yarn at 1st glance, I have no earthly idea what I want to make with this. I am not a person who makes or uses shawls but I feel like this would be perfect shawl material. I also think maybe some fingerless gloves held with another mohair would be a good fit.

If you’ve ever had your eye on a Kramer mystery Box of yarn I could not recommend enough that you go ahead and purchase it. Start with the 10 pound box, don’t overdo it just in case you really do run into something that you don’t like or care for.

I would mention; however, their website seems to only have for the most part wool yarns so if you have an aversion to wool or are sensitive to wool you might not want to purchase this box.

Follow me on Instagram to see what this yarn becomes in the future. Just a fair warning there’s always a project going and it may be some time before these yarns make an appearance.

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