A Little About Me

Hi!!! I am Tiffanie aka the “Yarn Hoarder” and also Chronic Knitter.

“Beyond Swatches”?

This is a dream awakened by many years of off-putting visits to many yarn shops over the years and from teaching a special friend how to do what she thought was never possible: HOW TO KNIT!!! Going beyond the swatch was my motto all through 2019. I always seemed to cast on and play with yarn, making tons of washcloths and scarves but never completed “real” projects. So I said “It’s time to go Beyond Swatches this year of 2020 and make you some sweaters and accessories.

This dream to have my own yarn space developed during that dreaded 2020, when you sit at home for days on end and live the same routine. You just want to do things that make you happy. Yarn is my happy place. Seriously, intense joy is felt. One day, (it’s on my planning board) I will own my own yarn shop and create the bright colored, yet warm and welcoming space for people like me and you!

Now as for me the individual, I am a plus size brown girl who loves her knitting! It is my goal to make size inclusion and proper fit part of the normal designing process. I am also a mom; who like most doesn’t get paid what’s she’s worth at a typical 9 to 5 job. So I strive to buy yarn that is beautiful AND worth my coins.

While there are many people who debate “good yarn”, I am not a snob against the acrylic fiber, every type of yarn is useful and when budget dictates you spend less, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality.

So I decided that I wanted to share not just the joy of knitting and yarn but teach those who are brand new. Nervous Newbies I call you. I know how hard it is to just “get it” when watching a video; there are just times you want to reach out to someone and say “is this right?” Or get a second live opinion on patterns and yarns.

So what do I offer you as part of my knitting circle?

  1. Tools, yarn and accessories that make knitting a joy.
  2. In person and virtual lessons because…well, covid.
  3. Patience and the desire to convert you into a yarn hoarder lover like ME.