Kraemer yarns Mystery Box 2022

If you’ve been around YouTube for any length of time you might have seen videos pop up in spurts for these magnificent mystery box sales that are apparently a hot commodity. One night well into my second dream, I rolled over to see if they had any available after 3 months of being out of stock. Clearly the answer is yes otherwise this post would not be here! Let’s just start with the basics: The 10 pound Box seemed to be the best option for me considering I just wanted to try them out as a company, see their quality … Continue reading Kraemer yarns Mystery Box 2022

Rate and Review – Knitter’s Pride Mindful Collection

Full Set of the “Gratitude Set” For my reviews, I like to comment first on the item itself, how does it compare to the description and its overall value. Then follow up with my personal opinions/experience of the item. Company description: THE GRATITUDE SET INTERCHANGEABLE LACE NEEDLE SET 5″ The Mindful Collection is defined by Gratitude, a set that is offered in 14 sizes including 1 free size. The stainless steel needle tips are offered in a circular fabric case carrying the floral design using the theme colors of the collection. Offered with 6 smart cords (in both swivel & … Continue reading Rate and Review – Knitter’s Pride Mindful Collection

Bellish-The Knitting App

**UPDATE: PER AN EMAIL SENT TO REGISTERED BELLISH USERS THAY HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO CLOSE DOWN THEIR OPERATIONS AS OF JANUARY 2022** Have you been hearing about Bellish? I saw it one day looking on my new iPad for all the knitting apps I had on my Android phone and as always there’s apps that makes claims to help you “make charts” “read charts” “pattern generators” but none actually were 1. User friendly 2. Ad free 3. Actually useful. So when I saw this app saying “Create Patterns” I decided to try it and what a shocker. You can … Continue reading Bellish-The Knitting App