How to Become a Test Knitter?

Have you test knitted before? I've always heard YouTube knitters mention this phrase and always thought how exclusive that must feel; to have a hand in a patterns creation. Some people I follow on Instagram and YouTube are always making some of the most GORGEOUS knits before they are released and I wanted in on… Continue reading How to Become a Test Knitter?


New Year Better Planning

Before we even speak of what 2022 might mean, I make a practice to have a moment of reflection for those who did not live to see this day. Many friends, family and other loved ones are not here to make plans, set goals etc and they deserve to be remembered. Hugs to you and… Continue reading New Year Better Planning


Bellish-The Knitting App

**UPDATE: PER AN EMAIL SENT TO REGISTERED BELLISH USERS THAY HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO CLOSE DOWN THEIR OPERATIONS AS OF JANUARY 2022** Have you been hearing about Bellish? I saw it one day looking on my new iPad for all the knitting apps I had on my Android phone and as always there's apps… Continue reading Bellish-The Knitting App

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Winter 2021 Project Plans

Winter 2021 is coming. Lets work on our projects together. Here are my options for this years winter makes.