How to Become a Test Knitter?

Have you test knitted before? I’ve always heard YouTube knitters mention this phrase and always thought how exclusive that must feel; to have a hand in a patterns creation. Some people I follow on Instagram and YouTube are always making some of the most GORGEOUS knits before they are released and I wanted in on this process. Then I found out, it’s not necessarily the pattern creation that test knitting involves, it’s more of an assisting in making sure the pattern is error free, worded correctly, size counts are accurate and instructions are detailed or easily understood etc. I put … Continue reading How to Become a Test Knitter?

Bellish-The Knitting App

**UPDATE: PER AN EMAIL SENT TO REGISTERED BELLISH USERS THAY HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO CLOSE DOWN THEIR OPERATIONS AS OF JANUARY 2022** Have you been hearing about Bellish? I saw it one day looking on my new iPad for all the knitting apps I had on my Android phone and as always there’s apps that makes claims to help you “make charts” “read charts” “pattern generators” but none actually were 1. User friendly 2. Ad free 3. Actually useful. So when I saw this app saying “Create Patterns” I decided to try it and what a shocker. You can … Continue reading Bellish-The Knitting App

Acrylic yarns – Pill or Anti Pill

“100% Anti -Pill Acrylic” have you seen this on different brands while you’ve strolled the yarn shops, craft stores or big box stores? I sure have and have often wondered what exactly is anti-pill acrylic and what’s it good or not good for. Firstly, what is an acrylic yarn fiber? Acrylic is at its forefront a synthetic fiber that mimics wool yet is able to sustain washing and drying unlike 100% natural wool. The excerpt below from Wikipedia describes our crafter relation to this fiber. Acrylic is the “workhorse” hand-crafting fiber for crafters who knit or crochet; acrylic yarn may be perceived as … Continue reading Acrylic yarns – Pill or Anti Pill